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GIGS 2020

5 star     Ian Hazlewood, Spiral Earth

Lucy Wan marks the welcome return of this near legendary duo. Having been the catalyst for the group Last Nights Fun Chris and Denny have gone back to their alchemical pairing. The elements of guitar, anglo concertina and vocals are transmuted into a wonderful golden glow

Chris & Denny are a masterful duo, a soulful and deeply original pairing. When playing live they exhibit a near psychic link between them, improvisational and inspired in their music, hilarious in their banter.

Sherburn is a master of the anglo concertina, the song Donnybrook Fair is a masterclass in the instrument, indeed in just eight tracks on the album the quality is astounding. Whether he is playing with Denny or when he was part of Last Nights Fun or backing Bella Hardy he adds not just an instrument but a massive sense of space and scale.

Denny Bartley nearly gave it all up some years ago, what a dreadful loss that would have been. Quite aside from his ragged edged honeyed vocals he has a rare knack of assembling influences from Irish, American and British tunes. New Railroad combines all of these into a great guitar piece.

The lighthearted sense of fun that accompanies Sherburn and Bartley is in sharp contrast to the weight of emotion found in their songs, on some Bartleys vocals seem near breaking point with the weight of emotion he summons. Lucy Wan is the final track, Bartley sings it unaccompanied and a few moments of silence are needed afterwards for it to sink in.

Lucy Wan is a wonderful album, one of the best I've heard this year, and well overdue! Don't leave it another ten years before the next one guys...